Saturday, May 15, 2010

Almost 30 Days Ago - we planted our Summer Garden - GROWING! GROWING! GROWING!

The small picture of our garden was taken on April 18th (there's a larger version of this picture earlier in this blog).  We took the picture right after we finished moving in the soil, mulch and fresh seedlings.

The large picture is where we are today - Saturday May 15th!   

How's that for some exciting growth?

The tomato plants are starting to show some promise with blossoms starting to appear on multiple plants.

And while taking pictures today, I found our first squash starting to grow on the vine.  

If we can catch a break and get some warmer weather this week, I think we will see a bunch more - it all depends on the weather.

And one more update on the Potato experiment while I have a chance.  The picture on the left was also taken almost a month ago.  The seed potatoes we planted were just starting to peek above the soil.

Check out the latest shot of the Potato experiment (see below) - it's the same box almost a month later - WOW!  

Pretty amazing growth in just 30 days.  I think the location is primo for potatoes - well at least above the ground - who knows what is happening under the soil though.

We are even starting to see  blooms on the Blue Potato plants this afternoon.

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