Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tomatoes and Potatoes - HOT HOT HOT!

Wanted to share some shots from the garden today.  You can see how TALL the sunflowers are now.  All of the stalks are well over 6 ft high now.

The tomatoes are going crazy in the summer heat now. 

Our Roma Tomatoes (which we grew from seeds) are doing fabulous.  And the flavor from them is so good.  If you have never tried to grow a tomato at home - you need to!  The flavor difference between homegrown and store-bought is hard to describe - sweet, fresh, and so much more.

Early in my posts, I posted pictures of our experiment in growing potatoes in a couple of garden plots.  We planted three types - Blue Potatoes, Golden Yukons and some ordinary Brown Baking Potatoes.  Today my oldest son helped harvest them and our little experiment produced:  11.2 oz of Golden Yukons, 1 lbs 13 oz of Baking Potatoes, and 2.15 oz of Blue Potatoes. 

Here are some shots of them on the scales:

And the garden is also produing bell peppers, lima beans, green beans and some funky looking cucumbers that are green and yellow.

 And here's a shot of the tomatoes we harvested today.
We got a little over 1 lbs 15 oz today - it was a combination of Hot 100's, Roma Tomatoes, and the 2 really large are Pink Ladies.  The package said they would turn Hot Pink when they are ripe - but four tomatoes later - they are only turning bright red as you can see in the picture.

Here's the last 2 shots for this update - one of our carrots!  See the orange right at the soil line?    We have carrots growing!  Pretty cool when you consider how small the seeds were that they started from earlier in the year.

Last shot of the update - OKRA!

Well - at least this year we were able to get 2 Okra pods out of the garden.  Last it was just one - so we doubled our results.

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