Sunday, June 6, 2010

Here's a shot from late Sunday evening of the garden plot.  It is definitely making progress and loving the hot weather now.

You can see the beans in the back left hand side are liking the bamboo pyramids I made last weekend.  They are climbing them now along with the cucumbers and the squash.

Our Sunflowers are really getting tall - one is a little over 4 ft high now and the other two are just slightly less.  I think they will be well over 5 ft when they start putting out blooms.

Here are some shots of our various tomato plants in the garden right now.

The big single shot on the left is called a "pink lady" and will turn hot pink when it is ripe and ready for picking. 

I forget the name of this tomato plant but it is really taking off as the daytime heat cranks up into the lower and middle 90's.  

This was the group of blossoms we posted a couple of weeks ago - so you can see they are really starting to grow.

Here's another group of tomatoes that are pretty neat - it puts out tomatoes on the vine in groups of eight to ten at a single time.  So when this one starts producing, it gets really insane about the number of tomatoes it produces.


And last but not least - our carrots are starting to look like carrots too.  

My daughter decided to add some fun to the garden too - with this fun little creation who is waiting for the harvest later this summer.

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