Sunday, May 30, 2010

We were featured on one of our favorite blogs this weekend!!!

What a great honor!  Erin featured us on her blog this weekend to show her readers our Summer Garden efforts so far this year.  Make sure you swing over and check out her Blog at $5dollardinners if you haven't already. 

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  1. Hi, I came over from 5dollardinners. You've got a really great looking garden. Would you mind sharing what state you live in to get a better feel for the zone you're working with?

  2. Hi Jessica

    Sorry for the delay in responding - it has been a little crazy here. We live in northwest Arkansas which I think is Zone 6 if I remember what some of the info I saw early in my research.

    Let me know if that helps - would be glad to share notes with you. That book by Mel Bartholomew was the big breakthrough for us. It is an awesome for getting the whole process started.